The video of an Italian nun singing on the TV talent show goes Viral

An Italian nun who appeared on the Italian version of TV talent content The Voice went immensely popular.
Sister Christina Succia said she had been inspired by Pope Francis, who “told us to come out” of our convents and spread the word of God.

A 25-year-old Catholic nun performed on the stage in her black habit and a large cross necklace on Wednesday night’s show. She made spellbound to four judges and audiences by singing with her version of the Alicia Keys son “No One”.

The nun who won the heart of audiences and judges is a member of the Ursuline Sisters of the Holy Family.
All the judges praised her with lovely comments. The Italian rapper J-AX, who is one of the judges, said he was “moved to tears”. He further added “If i had heard you sing in mass when i was young, I’d be Pope by now.”

Reaction of Judges after the performance of Sister Christina Scuccia

The video of her performance has gone viral in Italy, even the Vatican’s minister of culture Gianfranco Ravaso tweeted his admiration.

The video of Sister Cristina Succia attracted nearly 40 million viewers after which been posted on the show’s YouTube channel.

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

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