Two Building collapsed after explosion in New York City

The East Harlem apartment building of Manhattan collapsed after a big explosion, two women have died and seventeen other person being treated as minor injuries.
According to the residents of the New York City they heard blast in the five-storey building 116th Street and Park Avenue before it caved in.

The incidentof explosion in New York city has been elevated the highest threat level by The New York fire department. The broken glasses of the windows after explosion scattered all over the streets and pavements. Residents in the area are receiving the medical masks from the authorities because of the thick white smoke at the scene.


BBC reports, the witness told the BBC “there was just a lot of panic” following the explosion.
People in the city remember the 9/11 incident again of Twin Tower.

“We have eight victims found at this point. We are still in rescue, recovery operations,” New York Fire Department spokesman Brian Norton said on Friday morning. “We do not stop until we are 100 percent sure there is nobody left.”

When firefighters deem the area safe, investigators will conduct a pressure test on the pipe to determine the location of the leak that may have caused the blast.
The reason behind the explosion is unclear but Con Ed spokesman Bob MC said the utility received a call about gas leak at 9.13 a.m. The call came from a resident at one of the newer buildings in Park Avenue. The utility dispatched a truck two minutes after the call but when truck arrived the building already exploded.

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