Twin blasts rocked Indian express train

Twin bomb blast in Indian express train when train enters the station in the southern Indian city of Chennai.

The low-intensity bomb exploded under the passenger seat, which killed one woman and nine others are injured. The train was travelling from Bangalore city to Guwahati.

According to Rakesh Mishra, the senior railway official “A young lady, aged 22, has lost her life. There were two separate blasts in the train. The entire police force is involved in the investigation.”

The two other injured passengers are in critical condition.

Many assumptions are going on about who may have been behind this bomb attack. So far two people are detained in the connection of the incident.
Police chief JK Tripathi suggests the bombs could have been detonated using a “basic mobile device.”

At the moment India is having election and had reported few incidents of violence too.

Chennai explosion ,scene inside the train

Security alert has been issued and tighten all over the India.

Indian authorities and India police force are investigating about the twin blasts. Police consider the Indian Mujahedeen (IM); a terrorist group based in India might be behind the blasts.

Yet no one has taken the responsibility of the bomb attack in the station of Indian city of Chennai.

Zeal Sharma

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