The 10 Hottest Places on Earth

The 10 Hottest Places on Earth

Summer is always pleasant but if temperature start soaring up it brings unpleasant things. Those places which are hottest in the world face the difficulties to unable to produce enough food for the people who are living in those places.
Know the 10 hottest Places on Earth this year.

10. Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Highest Temperature -: 52.8 C /127 F

Wadi Halfa, Sudan

Wadia Halfa is city located in the Northern state of Sudan on the shores of “Lake Nubia.” The city is at the end point of a rail line from Khartoum and where the goods are transferred from rail to ferries going to the lake.

9. Aghajari, Iran

Highest Temperature 128 F/53.3 C


Aghajari is a city in and the capital of Central District, in Aghajari County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

8. Ahvaz, Iran

Highest Temperature 128.3 F/ 53.5 C

Ahvaz, Iran,

Ahvaz is a city in and the capital of Khuzestan Province, Iran. In 2011, according to the survey by World Health Ahvaz has the world’s worst air pollution. Organization (WHO).
The city is known to be one of the hottest places on the world with long and very hot summers and mild, short winters.

7. Tirat Tsvi, Israel

Highest Temperature 128.7 F/ 53.7 C

Tirat Tsvi, Israel

Tirat Tsvi is a religious community, a kibbutz, in the Beit She’an Valley in Israel. It is 220 meters below sea level.

6. Araouane, Mali

Highest Temperature 130.1 F/ 54.5 C


Araouane is a small village also known as Arawan in the Malian Sahara . High temperature and limited rainfall makes the agriculture difficult.

5. Timbuktu, Mali

Highest Temperature 130.1 F/ 54.5 C


Timbuktu is located on the Southern edge of the Sahara Desert, about 15km north of the Niger River. The climate is hot and dry throughout the year with the temperatures soaring up to 104F/40 C.

4. Kebili, Tunisia

Highest Temperature 131 F/55 C


Kebili is a town situated in the south Tunisia and one of the oldest oasis in Tunisia and North Africa.

3. Ghadames, Libya

Highest Temperatures 131 F/ 55 C


Ghadames is an oasis town in north-western Libya. It is another city with high temperature making one of the hottest places.

2. Al’Azizia, Libya

Highest Temperature 136.4 F/58 C


Al’Azizia is a small town in Libya. On 13 September 1922, it recorded the highest temperature which considered to be one of the highest temperature even measures on Earth . However there was reading controversy but still it is one of the hottest places.

1. Death Valley

Highest Temperature – 134 F/56.6 C

Death Valley

Death Valley is a desert valley situated in Eastern California’s Mojave Desert. After beating the record of hottest place on the planet on 2012 from El Azizia , it is the driest , hottest and lowest area of land in North America.

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