From Sunday Public in Nepal will face 84 hours of Power cuts per week

The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided to increase the load shedding hours from this Sunday. Currently it is 80 hours per week which will be increasing four hours which makes 84 hours per week. People are facing 12 hours of power cuts in a day.
Now a days load shedding is being common to Nepalese. Nepal is sweep away by the electricity crisis. It’s been a decade people of Nepal are suffering from the power cuts in their day to day life. Nepal used to be one of world’s second richest country in water resources. But why government could not utilise its resource. Nepal has many available resources as there are numerous ever flowing rivers that can generate huge hydro power to lighten up the whole country, and still be spare. From the rivers of Nepal, it has been estimated that up to 83,000 MW of hydroelectricity can be generated. Visualize such an enormous potential exists but in reality it is limited only in the imaginations of Nepalese people.
The causes of load shedding
Higher Electricity demand than supply
Incomplete hydropower projects
Political instability
Under efficiency of NEA ( Nepal Electricty Authority )
Natural calamities
To overcome this major problem of rolling blackout In Nepal, there should me political instability which is the major failure for the power cuts. There should be co-operation between political parties so that the part of annual budget of nation is invested for effective utilization of available water resources.

Zeal Sharma

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