Skydiver sets the World Record by using World’s Smallest Parachute

On 5th April, Ernesto Gainza set a new Guinness record for skydiving using the world’s smallest parachute by any skydiver.

Using his smallest parachute with the size of a bed sheet he jumped from 14000 feet in in the Palm Drop Zone at the Skydive Dubai Club. He landed safely with the 35 square feet parachute during his three-and-a-half minute descent.

After setting the record Ernesto Gainza said ‘It was awesome, amazing and emotional. ‘I had to keep my body really straight, as even a little input from my hips or turning left or right could make the parachute turn.’
Ernesto Gainza is also a test pilot for New Zealand Aero sports and Icarus canopies and a professional stunt man with more than seven thousand skydives under his belt. His jump took 0.18 sq. m off the previous record for smallest canopy, set by a Brazilian Luifi Cani in 2006.

The Venezuelan skydiver was very happy after his achievement. He said ‘It’s been my long-time dream to prove to other human beings it doesn’t matter how much sacrifice and effort you have to go through to achieve something that you want. You just have to go for it.’

Moment of satisfaction of Skydiver Ernesto Gainza w ith his certificate by Guinness World Records

Skydive Dubai is the world’s premier skydiving location which is located in the main city of Dubai. Skydive is operated in two locations The Palm Drop Zone, which has an area size of 26,000 and the other one is Desert Campus Drop Zone in Dubai as well.

Zeal Sharma

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