Samanta Shrestha Va. Tech Student death; her friend is charged of murder

Samanta Shrestha a Nepalese girl, who was Virginia Tech Student is murdered by her friend Jessica Ewing.

Shrestha reported missing from dorm by her parents on Saturday, who unable to contact her. On Monday Shrestha’s missing car 2004 Mercedes C320 was found on High Meadow Drive in Montgomery County where her body was found as well. When police interviewed Shrestha’s boyfriend Scott Masswelli who last spoke to Shrestha around 11:30 pm on Friday, and Shrestha said she was hanging out at her apartment with Ewing.
The 22 year old Jessica Michelle Ewing is also a Tech senior, now who is been charged with the murder of Samanta Shrestha and also Kiefer Kyle Brown, Jessica’s ex-boyfriend is been charge for helping Ewing to move and hiding Shrestha’s body into her black Mercedes Benz.

The Virginia Tech community will remember Shrestha with a candlelight vigil Today evening. The reason of murder has not been released yet by Blacksburg police.

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

Zeal Sharma

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