Salman Khan sends message to his Nepal fans

The well-known Bollywood actor Salman Khan has disclosed his joyousness to connect with his Nepali fans as the brand ambassador of New Wheel.
New wheel is the current Wheel detergent powder line.

The Heartthrob star will be seen in advertisements for New Wheel on Nepali televisions and newspapers. The founder of Being Human (a charitable trust) Khan will be seen saying that clothes, when washed with New Wheel detergent, will be blessed with the fragrance of cleanliness.

Salman Khan tweets his happiness to get connect with his Nepali fans

The delighted actor said, “I am pleased to be associated with the Wheel Brand in Nepal. Through this platform, I am delighted to connect with my fans in Nepal. ”

Salman Khan has big fan following all over the world as he is one of the most commercially successful movie stars of India. He was ranked 7th Best looking man in world in 2004 by People Magazine, USA. In 2013 he was declared as India’s Most Searched Celebrity Online by Economics times from its survey.

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