Sajha Yatayat to go Wi-Fi free

The passengers of Sajha Yatayat will be enjoying free Wi-Fi on board soon.

The Sajha Yatayat bus has speed up the preparation to provide free Wi-Fi connections to the commuters. The bus is serving as a public transport system in Kathmandu Valley.
The Manager of Sajha Transportation Cooperative organisation, Mahendra Raj Pandey said Sajha Yatayat is collaborating with the Nepal telecom to facilitate free wireless internet connections for its passengers during their journey inside the Kathmandu. “The discussion is at the final stage regarding installation of free Wi-Fi.”
He said the bus service which restarted just last year has provided efficient and affordable public transportation to over 2.7 commuters in a year.
Pandey further informed that in one year service Sajha Yatayat has collected Rs. 39.831 million as revenue selling the tickets to the passengers.

Old Sajha Yatayat bus on the Kathamndu road

Mahendra Raj Pandey said “We are planning to add some more buses in Kathmandu and also mulling to extend our service to other districts from capital as well as preparing to launch International bus service soon”.

Sajha Yatayat, the oldest transport service in the country. It was closed due to various reasons and after 12 years Sajha buses restarted to provide its service. It resumed its service last year, 14th April, 2013. Sajha bus had the automated door system, the closed circuit and the LCD television as well. Sajha busses runs from 5 am till 11pm and its fare range from Rs.15- Rs. 20 and the minimum student discount fare is Rs.10

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

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