Ramesh Prasad Kharel : An honest and firm Police officer of Nepal

Ramesh Prasad Kharel, an honest police officer of Nepal. He is known for his brave attitude, his sincerity which is in against of corruption within the Nepali Police Force.
He was born in Baluwa, Kavrepalanchowk, Nepal. In April 2012 he was promoted to the post of Senior Superintendents of Police (SSPs) at that time he was serving in Parsa district as a police in chief. He was very much appreciated and praised for his rigid attitude towards criminal.
Earlier he was Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in Pokhara, Kathmandu and Birjung and now again now he is in Kathmandu. While he was serving in Kathmandu he has been moved to Parsa which became controversial decision. Whichever city he is been to transfer he served with equal determination. He squeezes on crime in the city, including controlling the gangs and the so call “dons” of Kathmandu. He also presided over raids on dance clubs that were illegally working as brothels in Kathmandu. In Pokhara as he cracked down on illegal prostitution. He is been admired and praised by the citizens of city and press because of his bold police character.

Nepal police force is in need of police officer like Ramesh Prasad Kharel. Police force known to be a widespread corruption where courageous Police officers like Ramesh Prasad Kharel been motivational example of heroic police officer. Recently, on January 2014, he is been transferred to the Metropolitan Police Range, Kathmandu. His transfer news is a big benefaction for the moderate citizens of Kathmandu city at the same time he is been big threat for the criminal and corrupted people.
Nepal and Nepalese hopes for more police officer like Ramesh Prasad Kharel in the Nepal police force. He is the ideal for the newly recruited police officer and for the youngsters. People are so fond of him as a result, one Bhojpuri movie is made on his name as “SP Kharel”.
We take Hats off to the Police officer like Ramesh Prasad Kharel for his fearless stance towards dreadful goons and crooked people in the society to bring peace in the City in the Country.

Zeal Sharma

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