PM Sushil Koirala has only three sets of mobile as his assets

As we all are aware of our 37th Prime Minister and the President of Nepali Congress party is Sushil Koirala. He was elected as the Prime Minister by the parliament on 10th February 2014.

PM Sushil Koirala who has been praised for his transparent life. Here he again shows how he is simple and away from the materialistic life. On Thursday the property details submitted at the office of the Prime Minister and Council Ministers (OPMC) revealed that the in charge of whole country has just three mobile sets as in the name of his assets.
According to Prakash Adhikari the press coordinator of PM, the Koirala PM does not possess any property other than his three mobile phones which one of them is old and one is not working. Even the PM doesn’t have any bank account in his name says the Adhikari. Now office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers (OPMC) is arranging to open an account for Koirala to deposit his forthcoming salary.
The 75 year old PM Sushil Koirala had even ignored to claim his patrimonial wealth. He used to live in the rented house provided for him by the Nepali Congress Party, before being in the PM position. Adhikari said, “Whenever he goes to his hometown in banke district, he stays at his brother Bijaya’s house.”

He is the second prime minister of Nepal who believes to live there life in simple way. As we know the former Prime minister of Nepal Krishna Prasad Bhattarai was living similar way of his life. Bhattaria had just one umbrella and one suitcase of tin in the name of his property. Koirala as himself doesn’t believe in luxury life and an unwanted expenses wanted to implement in the political way as well. He has already showed this attitude by stopping to serve the tea and snacks during the Cabinet meetings on wards. He said adding that each meeting of the council of ministers used to costs Rs. 17,000 titbit.
Even he has returned the travel allowance of RS 63, 247 ($650) to the Ministry of Foreign Ministry which he received to attend the third summit of Bay of Bimstec at Myanmar. The Ministry informed that the money returned by PM Koirala will be deposited to the state of coffer.
Sushil Koirala entered politics in 1954 inspired by the social-democratic ideals of the Nepali Congress. He was in political exile in India for 16 years following the royal takeover of 1960 and never married.
He will be the ideal for other politicians of Nepal who can think of country’s good rather than thinking of personal good.

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

Zeal Sharma

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