Nepal’s Sherpa Demand more compensation than government offered

Sherpa demand for more compensation and insurance cover costs from the Nepal government.

The Sherpa guides in Nepal have demanded compensation of US $10,000 for the families of 16 colleagues dead or missing in an avalanche on Mount Everest on Friday.

The 13 Sherpa guides are found dead and more are still missing.

Government offered $400 compensation to the victims’ families to cover funeral costs but Sherpa’s have demanded more than that and also demanded double the insurance cover.

The deadliest avalanche struck in an area just above Everest base camp at 5,800m when men are trying to fix ropes and crack snow and ice to carve out a route for foreign climbers.

According to BBC report, the statement issued by Sherpa after their meeting at base camp on Monday, the Sherpa’s also demanded better measures to ensure speedy rescue and treatment facilities for the victims.

By guiding foreign climbers Sherpa guides make an average income of around $5,000 a year to support their families.

On Sunday, mountaineering and guide agencies declared 2014 as ‘Black Everest Year’. According to them they came into this decision because government unconcern’s to those Sherpa’s who helped foreigner climbers to climb World’s tallest mountain by putting their life in danger.

Daughter of Mount Everest avalanche victim Ang Kazi Sherpa light oil lamps at Sherpa Monastery in Kathmandu

The meeting was held by senior guide teams demanding 12 things to be fulfilled by government.

It includes pension facilities to guides, if Sherpa guides dies during expedition then their children should study free and others.

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