Mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight M7370

It’s been three days now the Malaysia Airlines flight M37370 has gone missing which is been question of mystery, how can it vanish ?
On Saturday 16:441 GMT 7th March the Boeing 777-200 took off from Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian capital with carrying 239 passengers on board including 12 crew members. It was schedule to arrive in Beijing at 22:30 GMT the same day, after a nearly 2,700-miles (4350- Kilometres) journey. But air traffic controllers in Subang, outside Kuala Lampur, lost contact with the plane around 17:30 GMT which was flying over the sea between Malaysia and Vietnam.
After that almost 30 hours Air and Sea rescue teams started to search an area of the South China Sea South of Vietnam but unable to get any sightings of wreckage.
The mystery of missing Malaysia Airlines has gone deeper digging various possibilities.

On the late Sunday, the Vietnamese authorities said a navy aircraft had spotted “an object” suspected of belonging to the missing plane, but officials said it was too dark to be certain.
On Saturday a potential oil slick was spotted but again officials said it’s not relevant with flight MH370.
The Malaysian Civil aviation expanded the search area to the West Coast of Malaysia. There was a Hijacking theory as well because two passengers on board travel with fake European passports which have been stolen. Malaysian police named one as 19 year-Old Iranian Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad was probably migrating to Germany where his mother expecting him, was not believed to have any terrorist link. For the second passenger who used stolen documents investigation is going on. An FBI team from US has joined to search as well.
There are now 10 countries with 40 ships and 34 aircrafts are searching for the missing Malaysia Air flight.
The families of passengers are desperately waiting for the outcomes but yet all theories remained in shadow and hunting is on with broadening area search.
According to Airline there were passengers of 14 different nationalities on the Flight MH370
• 153 Chinese including one child
• 38 Malaysians
• 7 Indonesians
• 6 Australians
• 5 Indians
• 4 French
• 3 Americans including one child
• 2 each from New Zealand, Ukraine and Canada
• One each from Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands and Austria (although both Italy and Austria deny any of their nationals on-board)
It’s a big mystery going on how can such Boeing can vanish without a trace and couldn’t get any clue of either crashed or been hijacked.
On 1 June 2009 an Air France jet flying from Brazil to France vanished into the Atlantic Ocean, with the loss of all 228 on board. Debris was spotted the following day but it took nearly two years to locate the flight recorders and remains of the fuselage, deep on the ocean floor. The waters off Vietnam and in the Malacca straits are mush shallower.

People of the world and mainly families of passengers are still hoping for the positive outcome of the search.

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