MH370 crashed: Malaysian Airlines ‘crashed in south Indian Ocean’

After the fresh analysis of satellite data by a British Satellite company and accident investigators it is concluded that the Flight MH370 crashed with no survivors.

The Prime minister of Malaysia Najib Razak has announced that the missing Malaysia Airline flight MH370 crashed in the southern Indian Ocean.

Malaysian Prime Minister, Najib Razak, said: “It is with deep sadness and regret, that according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean.” He said the Malaysia Airlines had informed the families of the 239 people in board.
Malaysia Airlines officials informed the relatives and families of those on board via text message.

Text message- to inform-flight MH370 crashed-to relatives

Relatives of those on board at a Beijing hotel wept with grief some were taken away on stretchers by medical teams after watching the news conference on TV.
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 which took from Kuala Lampur on 8th March have disappeared boarding 239 passengers including 12 crew members.
There was a big international search operation has begun in the southern Indian Ocean along the southern arc or corridor of the plane’s possible route. Australian and Chinese air force crews have reported the spotting debris.
The conference was held late Monday after the new certainty about the plane’s fate was confirmed in analysis by British aerospace experts based on satellite data. They found that the flight MH370’ last position was in a remote location in the middle of the Indian Ocean far from any landing strips.
It is not clarified that whether any wreckage has actually been recovered thought the searches are still on-going. There will be another conference which will be held tomorrow with full details.
According to Airline there were passengers of 14 different nationalities on the Flight MH370
• 153 Chinese including one child
• 38 Malaysians
• 7 Indonesians
• 6 Australians
• 5 Indians
• 4 French
• 3 Americans including one child
• 2 each from New Zealand, Ukraine and Canada
• One each from Russia, Taiwan, Italy, Netherlands and Austria (although both Italy and Austria deny any of their nationals on-board)

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