Jamuna Gurung listed as one of the wealthiest woman in Australia

Jamuna Gurung a Nepali woman has been listed as one of the wealthiest women in Australia.
In the Australian-based Newspaper Business Review Weekly, Jamuna Gurung was entitled as the 11th wealthiest woman by netting worth of $105 Million. The 51 year old Gurung went Australia in 1991 on student visa to undertake a degree in Business. She graduated with the Bachelor of Business specializing in Marketing from Swinburne University of Technology.
Sesh Ghale, Chairman of Non Residential Nepali Association and husband of Jamuna Gurung was listed as 180th wealthiest women in Australia with a net worth of $million, last year. The couple have a combined wealth of $265 million made from a large commercial property, their private education college, the Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT), and a nascent hotel (Sheraton Hotel) development in Kathmandu.
Jamuna Gurung is co-founder Of Melbourne Institute of Technology together with her husband Shesh Ghale since 1996.While she is co-founder and do support his husband in other work as well. It’s a big achievement to the couple as well as Nepal to become one of the wealthiest in the developed country like Australia.

In the top of the list of wealthiest women in Australia is Vicky Teoh netting worth of $765 million, the famous actress Nicole Kidman ranked in 6th position netting worth $330 million, the stunning and one of the best Australian singer Kylie Minogue ranked in 15th place with net worth $80 million and the Hollywood actress and recent Oscars winner of 2014 Cate Blanchet is listed in the 22nd position with net worth of 60 million.
This ranking of Rich Women list 2014, listed by BRW dosent include people with significant inherited wealth as similar to the Young Rich List which emphasize success of person aged 40 and under so the reason Gina Rinehart is not in. As 60 year old, business tycoon is the wealthiest person in the Australia netting worth of $17.78 Billion.

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

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