India’s Supreme Court adjourns to free the plotters of Rajiv Gandhi’s death

India’s Supreme Court interrupts on releasing the death plotters of former prime minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.
On Wednesday 19th February 2014, the chief Minister of Tamil Nadu state Jay Lalitha said that her government is likely to free seven men who were convicted of plotting the 1991 assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. To free those seven prisoners who have been in imprison since 1991 in Tamil Nadu, she said her government had the authority and she gave the federal government three days to respond.
The Federal government reacted by putting on hold the release of three of the seven people convicted of involvement in the 1991 murder. The court said the three Murugan, Santhan and Perarivalan, who were on death row, cannot be released by the chief minister of Tamil Nadu State. But others serving life sentences, including Murugan’s wife, Nalini could still go free. On Thursday, the Rajiv Gandhi’s widow, Sonia Gandhi and his son Rahul who is the next likely prime ministerial candidate with the India’s congress party filed a petition with the Supreme Court challenging releases.

Current Prime Minister of India Man Mohan Singh issued a statement after the government filed it legal challenge said, “The assassination of Rajiv Gandhi was an attack on the soul of India. The release of the killers of a former prime minister of India and our great leader, as well as several other innocent Indians, would be contrary to all principles of justice”.

The former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi was killed in 21 May 991 at a campaign rally in the town of Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu where death plotters are charged and imprisoned. A female suicide bomber detonated explosives as she bent to touch his feet, a way of showing in respect. The explosion killed Rajiv Gandhi, his assassin and at least 25 other people. The Supreme Court judgement, but Judge Thomas, confirmed that the killing was carried about due to personal animosity of the LTTE chief Prabhakaran towards Gandhi.
The court halts the Tamil Nadu government decision to free the culprits of Gandhi’s execution. The next hearing is on 6th March.

Zeal Sharma

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