Largest tree hug: Thousands In Nepal hugs trees to bid World Record

On the World Environmental day more than 2,000 people gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal in a bid to set the world record for the largest tree hug.

On Thursday at park on the north eastern periphery of Kathmandu mostly students wearing school uniforms, twenty parliament members, office workers and Buddhist monks gathered to hug the tree.

Thanewswor Guragai the coordinator of the event said “our goal is to set a new world record at the same time spread the message that trees are important for the environment and everyone.”

The earlier Guinness World Record for largest tree hug consists of 936 people and was achieved by Treecology Inc and Hoyts Arboretum in Portland, Oregon, USA on 20 July last year.

Hugging trees to set a new world record , Kathmandu , Nepal

The photos, videos, a signed statement from the Parliament members who were there and the names of the participants of this event will be send by Organizers to Guinness, later it will conclude whether to recognize this accomplishment as a new record.

According to Guragain it would take two months to get a recognition certificate from Guinness.

Zeal Sharma

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