Free WiFi for the tourists at Hanuman Dhoka , Durbar Square area

Tourists visiting Nepal this year will be enjoying free Wi-Fi. In the next few weeks free WiFi for the tourists will be available in selected tourists’ area in Kathmandu, Nepal provided by the Nepal Telecom.
The main concept of Government to provide Wi-Fi in the tourists visiting area is to promote the tourism in Nepal. Tourists visiting the Hanumandhoka, Durbar Square area, Basantapur in Kathmandu will be provided with free Wi-Fi access with the purchase of their tickets.
According to the Chief of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Area Conservation Program Office (HDACPO) Hari Kumar Shrestha, “Tourists visiting the heritage site can now instantly upload their photos to social networking sites and share them with the world. We are offering free internet to tourists visiting the heritage area from next week.”
Durbar Square is one of the four properties of Nepal which has been listed in the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The World Heritage List includes 981 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value. The Internet service to be provided in this tourists visiting area is very fast. Kathmandu Metropolitan City (KMC) has installed six Wireless routers at different points within the heritage site, in collaboration with Nepal Telecom. At a given time 100 tourists can use their internet service.
The password for Wi-Fi will be provided to tourists along with their entrance tickets at all the entry point’s palace area. There are five entrance points which are Jhochhen (Freak Street), Makhan, Juddha Salik, Pyafal and Maru. The free Wi-Fi facility is for only tourists. It has divided two separate prices for the tourists visiting this area. If the tourists belong to SAARC countries authorities’ charges is RS.150 per each person and tourists from non SAARC countries it will be Rs. 750 per each person.

According to KMC, over 200,000 foreign tourists visit the heritage site annually.

We look forward to Nepal Government to introduce ideas like this in other tourist’s area as well so tourist will be enjoying the current technology in Nepal as well.

Info: Sajhilo Nepali Magazine

Zeal Sharma

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