Charlie Hebdo Attack : Gunmen Killed 12

Charlie Hebdo Attack

Charlie Hebdo a French weekly magazine’s office in Paris has been attacked by three gunmen which led to death of 12 people and several injuries.

At 12:00 Pm France time, masked gunmen came into black car and opened fire with assault rifles in the office. Later they exchanged gun shots in the streets with police men before escaping.
Paris is still danger in large as gunmen escaped. France is in high alert now and massive man hunt operation is under way in the Paris to catch the attackers.
According to the witnesses gunmen shouted “we avenged the Prophet Muhammad.”

AFP news agency reports out of 12 those killed two are police officers, four cartoonist including the magazine’s editor-in-chief Stephane Charbonnier.

France was on the alert for Islamist attacks after few incidents before Christmas.
Charlie Hebdo is a French Satirical weekly Newspaper. Three years ago it was targeted during controversy over cartoons about Islamic prophet Mohammed.

A bullet impact at Charlie Hebdo office

Earlier it was said there were two gunmen now it’s been confirmed that there were three masked gunmen who carried out the attack in Charlie Hebdo Office in Paris.

French President Francois Hollande said “This is an act of exceptional barbarism.” “We are threatened because we are a country of liberty.”
US President Barack Obama, UK Prime Minister David Cameroon, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and several other has condemned the terror attack on Charlie Habdeo.

This is the deadliest terror attack in France in four decades.

Zeal Sharma

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