Cha Ekan Cha Collects Rs. 65 lakhs in two days

Nepali movie Cha Ekan Cha earned RS.65 lakh in 2 days and collecting more since its release date. May be this is one of the biggest hit Nepali movie to earn that much amount in just 2 days. Audience are enjoying a lot to watch comedy of half dozen of comedians at a same time with their amazing gags. The singer of title song is sung by Hari Bansha Acharya. This movie is assuming the best movie of this year. But due to lack of good story and much more awaited anticipated of excited humour its fall flat.

This movie is produced by Deepak Raj Giri who is one of the most famous comedian in TV Serial called ‘Teto Satya’ himself is playing a lead role and it is Directed by Dinesh D.C. Other comedians like Jeetu Nepal, Sitaram Kattel and Kedar Ghimire and others. This movie revolve around Neeta Dhungana (actress) who plays as Astha character in this film is young and beautiful girl looking for her right partner. She explores all six of them but all of them are liars and cheaters.

In near future hope Nepali movies will come out with full package of entertainments and humour to blow out the audience.

Zeal Sharma

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