CAN preparing to charge against Nepal Cricket Team

CAN (Cricket Association of Nepal) is planning to charge Nepal Cricket Team members after players have boycotted the national one-day cricket championship that began on April 9 at Pokhara.

At the press-conference on Thursday Captain Paras Khadka made the announcement with his team members the main reason behind boycotting was the CAN repeatedly ignoring their issues and needs.

After the T20 World Cup Campaign in Bangladesh, Where Nepal Cricket Team won two of three preliminary round matches CAN officials and Nepal Cricket Team had the meeting. In the meeting “CAN officials had promised to accord high priority to the game and players,” said the Paras Khadka. “But even after two weeks, there are no signs of progress.”

“We took this step as a last resort as we had been deceived in the past too,” Khadka said. This unhappiness is just not only of the 16 national players but includes that of cricket players also, he further added.
Khadka who was accompanied by his cricket team players at conference raised three main issues as Non-payment of promised perks, Change in venue and scheduling of the one-day tournament and the compensation to the Prithu Baskota one of the players of Nepal Cricket team who suffered knee injury during the 2015 World Cup Qualifier in New Zealand in January.

He said “The cricketers not received the monthly allowance for the 7-8 months”, CAN had promised to set aside $50,000 for cricketers from the $200,000. “Sadly, that never happened”. AS there is an ICC rules, teams that qualify for the World T20 would get a sum of $200, 000 around two three months prior to the tournament.

According to the report of ESPNcricinfo Paras Khadka said with the “We have been working hard but we have also been tolerating this for years and years. In the last 7-8 months after we qualified for the World T20, cricket has become a household topic. If we hadn’t performed as well as we did, we probably wouldn’t have even had a meeting with CAN. We presented them with concrete plans to correct the system and make it more efficient but after two weeks, we still haven’t heard from them. We realise there is a tournament around the corner, that is unfortunate, but we are ready to answer to any authority. We want CAN to do the same, to answer to the Sports Ministry, the Sports Council and the Government of Nepal.”

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Now CAN is charging the cricket team with the disciplinary action. The official member of CAN Bikash Ghimire informed that within a couple of days CAN board will be charging to national cricket players. Ghimire denies the claim rose against CAN by players. He said CAN management is not weak and irresponsible .He further said, for the betterment of players CAN made the increment of players’ salary from Rs. 10,000 monthly to Rs. 25,000.
Ghimire threaten 1-3 years of ban on the national cricket players from playing the national and international tournament who had spoken against CAN and boycotted the games.

Zeal Sharma

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