Buddha Air: Passengers injured due to turbulence

Half a dozen of passengers of Buddha air were injured due to air turbulence. The Buddha Air flight ATR-42 which took off from Bhairahawa to Kathmandu in the early morning of Friday faced air turbulence.

A passenger Devendera Dhoju said, “The craft shook for three times, and the passengers were in panic.” His head is injured and he is taken to the hospital. The turbulence started 10 minutes after the plane had taken off from the Bhairawaha airport around 6.45 am local time.

According to Captain Sikhar Dhakal, the incident happened when plane faced a sudden change in altitude after it hit ‘air pocket’. He further added flight was brought under control. “Such turbulence is normal.”

The injured passengers and two crew members were taken to the Kathmandu Medical College teaching Hospital at Sinamangal for the treatment.

Sales Manager at the Airlines, Parasar Jung Pandey, confirmed the incident of the Buddha air flight which met with a minor turbulence caused of bad weather.

Buddha Air operates domestic as well as international services within Nepal, India and Bhutan. Since 1997 it started its operation with the 18 seater Beech 1900D aircraft. In January 2014, International Safety database analysed Buddha Air as a safest airlines among its competitors with the highest Safety overall.

On 25th September 2011, Buddha Air Flight 103 a tourist flight boarded with 19 passengers including three crew members crashed in the Mount Everest region.

It is the first airline in Nepalese aviation history to introduce online Flights Bookings with PayPal and credit cards.

Zeal Sharma

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